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Welcome to Gripthis Tehnical Film Services .

Gripthis has been servicing the film industry since 1998. We are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Mark Forster and Nasmie Majiet combined their knowledge of gripping to form a unique company. In 2001 Riyaad Majiet joined us and Team Gripthis was formed. We have worked on numerous tv commercials, music videos, movies, etc.                                Together we give our best to make your film a success. 

                          Team Gripthis, your solution in Film Making.





Shottaker Arm




Captive Track :


                    gripthisnasmiemajiethighspeedcamera005.jpg gripthis, nasmie majiet, high speed camera picture by gripthisgrips     gripthisnasmiemajietlexustvcomme-12.jpg gripthis, nasmie majiet, lexus is-f commercial picture by gripthisgrips


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